Christian Activities in Mishawaka, Indiana

First Christian Church provides spiritually inspiring Christian Activities in Mishawaka, Indiana. Join us and explore our vision of being a lighthouse for people of all ages where they may find refuge, grow spiritually and become living examples of Christ.

Worship with us each Sunday at 11:00 am in the sanctuary.

First Christian Church of Mishawaka also shares activities with Central Christian Church of Elkhart. Click on the link below to view our Shared Activities Calendar.

Shared Activities Calendar.

Sunday Worship Service

• Matthew 4:1-11
• It’s Tempting
• When have you found yourself tempted by something that seemed so enticing? You’re not alone, for even Jesus experienced powerful temptations!

Upcoming Services

• Matthew 5:1-16
• Blessed Salt
• When crowds gathered to hear Jesus, I doubt they expected a lesson on the tastiness of salt. In what ways do you flavor the lives of those around you?

February 3
• Matthew 6:7-15, 25-29
• Prayer Worriers
• Ever worry about something, even about how to pray? Jesus taught us a way to pray and spoke about prayer, birds, and flowers in response to his followers’ worries.

February 10
• Matthew 7:1-6, 24-29
• Specks, Logs, & Sandcastles
• It’s so easy to judge others and think we have all the answers, but when Jesus told parables about specks, logs, and sandcastles, he reminds us to listen to Wisdom .

February 17
• Matthew 13:31-35
• Start Small
• Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a project—something that seemed too huge to tackle? When Jesus spoke about the big idea of God’s realm, he suggested we start small and trust that God will help it grow.

February 24 (Week of Compassion)
• Matthew 14:22-33
• A Sinking Faith
• Ever found yourself sinking, struggling to trust in Jesus? When the disciples faced a wild boat ride, Peter found help for his sinking faith by reaching out.

March 3
• Matthew 17:1-8
• Mountaintop Faith
• When Jesus suggested his friends deny themselves and carry a cross, they decided to take a hike up the mountain instead.

Lent Series: R U Kidding?
Jesus invited his followers to become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. It’s possible that everything we ever needed to know to experience the kingdom of heaven we learned as a child. Hear an interview each week with someone who wondered if Jesus was kidding but discovered something amazing about experiencing God’s presence.

March 6 (Ash Wednesday)
• Matthew 18:1-7
• Entering Lent As a Child
• Jesus invited his followers to become like children to experience the kingdom of heaven. During Lent, how might we be as welcoming as Jesus?

March 10 (Lent 1)
• Matthew 18:15-22
• Be Nice
• Learning how to forgive isn’t easy, but it’s a basic thing Jesus taught his disciples. Knowing how often to forgive might remind us what we learned as children—be nice.

March 17 (Lent 2)
• Matthew 20:1-16
• Thank You and Please
• It might seem unfair when others get more than they deserve, but Jesus reminds us to give thanks for what we have rather than worrying about others.

March 24 (Lent 3)
• Matthew 22:1-14
• Play Fair
• It doesn't seem fair when some are invited and others are not. Jesus told a parable about those who were invited and refused to attend. So unfair!

March 31 (Lent 4)
• Matthew 25:1-13
• Be Prepared
• Have you ever found yourself unprepared and running behind? Jesus told a parable about those who missed out since they forgot to plan ahead.

April 7 (Lent 5)
• Matthew 25:31-40
• Help One Another
• When helping others, look closely—you might discover God’s presence hidden in plain sight!

April 14 (Palm/Passion Sunday)
• Matthew 21:1-13
• Mind Your Manners
• When Jesus discovered merchants being unkind to others, he overturned their tables to remind them to mind their manners. When might we need to mind our manners—even in church?

April 18 (Maundy Thursday, First Christian, 7:00)
• Matthew 26:17-30
• Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
• What if Jesus made a surprise appearance for dinner in your house? How might that change your dinner plans?

April 21 (Easter)
• Matthew 28:1-10
• BIG Questions
• When have you faced big questions that seemed overwhelming? When Jesus’ disciples came to visit the tomb after his death, they encountered some big questions that had surprising answers.



  • Sunday Worship Service
    January 20, 2019
    • Matthew 4:1-11 • It’s Tempting • When have you found yourself tempted by something that seem ...more
    Upcoming Services
    January 27, 2019
    • Matthew 5:1-16 • Blessed Salt • When crowds gathered to hear Jesus, I doubt they expected a ...more

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